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STATE AID NEWS: EU Commission gives green light for public funding for five ferry connections
TD&A NEWS: Participation at EU Competition and Consumer Conference in Malta
TD&A NEWS: Paper on Resolution 2309 published in Aviation Security International
TD&A NEWS: Advocates Tanti-Dougall & Associates feature in Yachting in Malta [2017-2018 Edition]
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU fines Eleven Airlines Euros 800,000 for price-fixing cartel
TD&A NEWS: 2017 World Cargo Symposium, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
EU NEWS: Malta's Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2017
TD&A NEWS: IFTTA World Conference 2016
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting held in Madrid Spain
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting in Vienna, Austria
E-COMMERCE NEWS: 71% of the Dutch prefer online shopping
E-COMMERCE NEWS: € 509.9 billion to be generated in EU through E-Commerce in 2016
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting in Turin, Italy
E-COMMERCE NEWS: TD&A participate inTurin Seminar on European Directive 2000/31/EC
TD&A NEWS: Advocates Tanti-Dougall participates at The Yacht & Super Yacht Symposium
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Benefits up to 25% Rebate on Film Productions in Malta
TD&A NEWS: Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall, Visiting Lecturer at IMLI
TD&A NEWS: Advocates Tanti-Dougall & Associates feature in Yachting in Malta [2014-2015 Edition]
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting in Malmo, Sweden
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commission against Gazprom for alleged breach of its dominant position
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: An on-going success story for i-Gaming Industry in Malta
TAX LAW NEWS: Deduction of FOREX losses in cross-border situations
TD&A NEWS: Participation at Travel & Tourism International Trade Fair and MENA Forum – FITUR2015
TD&A NEWS: Talk on Cyber Terrorism in Aviation Industry at Transport Security Expo in UK
TD&A NEWS: European Law Group London Meeting
TD&A NEWS: Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall invited at AVSEC World Conference on Aviation in Washington DC
TD&A NEWS: Rebekah Tanti-Dougall at Cyprus WISTA Maritime International Conference
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Malta's Lotteries and Gaming Authority achieves further success
TD&A NEWS: Participation at the International Forum of Travel & Tourism Advocates Meeting in Dublin
PETROLEUM & GAS LAW NEWS: Oilfields Services Group sets up Drilling Academy in Malta
TD&A NEWS: International Conference on Tourism Safety & Security in the Middle East and North Africa
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Windowless Private Jets with Panoramic Views for Future Travelling
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: New Block Exemption Regulations on Film Productions in Europe
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: ECJ overturns EU Commission decision on Restriction 'by object' applicability
TD&A NEWS: Advocates,Tanti-Dougall & Associates participate at Maritime Conference
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: € 138 Million fine imposed by EU for Cartel on Smart Card Chips companies
BANKING LAW NEWS: No Change in Interest Rates announced by ECB
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Digital Markets in the EU ... Learning from the Google Investigation
TAX LAW NEWS: Israel signs FATCA with United States
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Live Casino on Mobile Phones in the coming?
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to film in Malta
MARITIME LAW NEWS: Rebekah Tanti-Dougall attends WISTA-UK Forum in Liverpool
TD&A NEWS: Rebekah Tanti-Dougall guest speaker at London International Aviation Conference
ENERGY LAW NEWS: Cyprus to secure Natural Gas for Power Generation
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Ryanair leads the Skies
CITIZENSHIP LAW NEWS: Second Citizenship to be notified in Russian Federation
TAX LAW NEWS: Cyprus to address Tax Arrears with Wide-Ranging Powers
TD&A NEWS: Rebekah Tanti-Dougall's Paper features on Benedict's Maritime Bulletin
TD&A NEWS: Participation at Malta Conference onTravel & Tourism
MARITIME LAW NEWS: New Directive on Marine Equipment aimed at providing Safer Journeys
IP NEWS: OHIM’s 20th Anniversary of CTM Regulations
TD&A NEWS: Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall's paper on Cyber Terrorism in the Aviation Industry in ID-DRITT
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commission Endorses Injunction Commitments by Samsung Electronics on SEPs
TAX LAW NEWS: Exchange of Banking Data Bill for Switzerland
TD&A NEWS: Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall participates at ELG Meeting in Amsterdam
TAX LAW NEWS: Tax Treaty between Malta and Moldavia
TAX LAW NEWS: VAT Levied for B2C in the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Electronic EU Markets
AVIATION LAW NEWS: ‘Open Skies Agreement’ Signed between Switzerland and Japan
TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: New Tourism Taxation for Dubai
TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: India Extends Visa-On-Arrival to Tourists from 180 Countries
TAX LAW NEWS: Stronger Co-operation on VAT by European Commission and non-EU Countries
TD&A NEWS: Participation at Mediation Conference on EU Directive 2008/52/EC
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: ICE 2014 described as an excellent platform for Malta
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Aviation Accident Fatalities at record low in 2013
TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: European Parliament publishes Report on Air Passenger Rights Revision
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commission issues a new publication on Competition with a difference
TD&A NEWS: Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall joins Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates
TD&A NEWS: Re-elected on Executive Committee of The Maltese Chinese Chamber of Commerce
TAX LAW NEWS: 2014 Red Bull Tax for French Government
TD&A NEWS: Talk on Cyber Terrorism in Aviation and Maritime Industries at IFTTA Prague Conference
TD&A NEWS: Partecipation at International Conference on Tourism Education in Russia
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: New Gambling Duty Act by the Isle of Man for 2014
TAX LAW NEWS: UK signs IGAs with Guernsey and Jersey
TAX LAW NEWS: EU Proposal for a New Standard VAT Return Cross Nationally
TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: TripAdvisor's Rating of Dirtiest Hotel not defamatory
TD&A NEWS: Yachting in Malta Publication features Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates
TD&A NEWS: Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates hosts ELG Meeting in Malta
TD&A NEWS: Partecipation at Seminar on the Superyacht Industry in Malta
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: European Parliament's Resolution on Online Gambling
TAX LAW NEWS: Offshore Financial Centers Rush to Africa to conclude IPPAs
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Success Story for Low Cost Jazeera Airways
TD&A NEWS: Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates, participate at 2013 Aviation Seminar
MARITIME LAW NEWS: New Guidelines on the VAT Treatment of Short-Term Yacht Chartering In Malta
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: 141 million euro fine by EU Commission in Car Wire Harnesses Cartel Case
ISLAMIC FINANCE LAW: A reality and not a Myth in today's economies
IP NEWS: Trans-Pacific Partnership gives rise to Pharmaceutical IP concerns
BANKING LAW NEWS: Block Trading prompts European Banking Regulators’ interests
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting held in Stuttgart
TD&A NEWS: OHIM's '10 Years of Community Design' Conference in Alicante
AVIATION LAW NEWS: 'Aircraft Registration in Malta' Seminar
HOTEL LAW NEWS: Higher Hotel Transactions Expected in 2013
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Emirates-Qantas Joint Network Approved by Australian Competition Commission
COMMERCIAL LAW NEWS: Over Euro 60 million Invested in Malta by Manufacturing Companies during 2012
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Ryanair Barred From Taking Over Aer Lingus by EU Commission
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commission on the Big 4 Accountancy Firms
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Boeing's 787 Dreamliner to fly again
TAX LAW NEWS: Double Tax Agreement between Malta and Guernsey
TAX LAW NEWS: India Proposes10 % Tax Surcharge
TD&A NEWS: Partecipation at Safety & Security International Workshop in the Hotel Industry
TD&A NEWS: Mind & Work at 4th CHI International Health & Safety Conference, Malta 2012
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting held in Paris
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Malta Regulator enters MoU with Isle of Man Regulator
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Aviation Medicine Conference 2012
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commissioner on Competition Policy Objectives
TRAVEL LAW NEWS: ECJ Judgments on Denied Boarding
TD&A NEWS: Tanti-Dougall Advocates hosts Trade Mission from Caribbean
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Advocates Tanti-Dougall & Associates attend Aviation Summit 2012
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: The Malta Short Film Industry Festival 2012
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Sale of Stansted Airport forced on BAA on competition grounds
TD&A NEWS: Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall Invited at World Safety Organization’s Conference in USA
TAX LAW NEWS: Tax Evasion Co-ordination between USA and Five European Tax Authorities
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Visa Card to scrap its MIFs
IP NEWS: Intellectual Property Malta Judgment featured by MARQUES Class 46
TD&A NEWS: Guest Speaker at the Malta Institute of Management Seminar on Debt Collecting
IP NEWS: June 2012 Edition of European Trade Mark Reports
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Largest Aircraft Order by Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
TD&A NEWS: Training on Health & Safety within the Hotel Industry
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Google Inc. Investigated by EU Commission
TD&A NEWS: Guest Speaker at 'Visit Russia 2012' on Health & Safety Issues in the Hotel Industry
TD&A NEWS: Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates features in 2012 Edition of The Legal 500
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Dutch Aviation Company to relocate in Malta
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Tom Hanks in Malta to shoot film Captain Philips
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Malta Gaming Authority's International Award
TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting held in Lisbon
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: A € 169 Million Fine by EU Commission on Freight Forwarders for Four Cartels
IP NEWS: US $ 550 Million Deal for Facebook over AOL Patents from Microsoft
TAX NEWS: Another Double Tax Treaty for Malta with the Kingdom of Bahrain
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commission Ceases Investigation into Pharmaceutical Suspected Practices
CONSUMER LAW NEWS: Stimulating Growth and Employment Through E-Commerce in Europe
MERGER LAW NEWS: EU Commission Blocks Proposed Merger between Eurex and NYSE Euronext
STATE AID NEWS: EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia on Priming Europe for Growth
IP NEWS: Copied Functions of Software Program do not infringe Copyright - Advocate General Bot
TAX NEWS: Tax Information Exchange Agreement Signed Between Malta and Gibraltar
TD&A NEWS: Corporate INTL carries a double feature on Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates
MARITIME LAW NEWS: Malta Enjoys Largest Shipping Register in Europe
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Malta Strives on the Film Industry
TAX NEWS: Tax Information Exchange Agreement Signed Between Malta and The Bahamas
MARITIME LAW NEWS: Malta Shipping Register which includes Super Yachts, is number one in Europe
RESIDENCE LAW NEWS: Malta Adopts New Residence Regulations
MERGER LAW NEWS: Successful Acquisition by Volkswagen AG in the Polish Auto Market
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Formal Investigations Initiated by EU Commission on E-books Sales
TD&A NEWS: Participation at the Health & Safety International Conference in Tourism held in Russia
IP NEWS: Maltese Court upholds ‘Santa Lucia’ Trademark Appeal
BANKING LAW NEWS: Standard & Poor's agrees with Commission to Abolish Fees for use of US ISINs
LABOUR LAW NEWS: Before ECJ for Limiting Employee Participation Rights in Cross-Border Mergers
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Commission Investigates Pharmaceutical Companies Johnson & Johnson, Novartis
TAX NEWS: Belgium to address its Additional Taxation of Certain Types of Income from Capital
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Airline Pilot Licence Regulations Simplified
TD&A NEWS: The European Law Group welcomes Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates
TRANSPORT LAW NEWS: Freight One Auctioned
TD&A NEWS: Russian International Law Conference on Health, Safety & Security in the Travel Industry
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Commission looks into Luxury Watch Manufacturers
M&A LAW NEWS: Emerging Merger for Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi
MALTA NEWS: Privatisation of Yacht Marina Announced
M&A LAW NEWS: Google in Aquisition Deal with Motorola
TAX NEWS: Malta and Israel enter Double Taxation Agreement
AVIATION SECURITY LAW NEWS: Airport Body Scanners deemed to be Constitutional in USA
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Sky | BBC's Sinbad Film Series Being Shot in Malta
TD&A NEWS: Malta Business Incentives on Corporate INTL July 2011 Edition
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Malta's Aviation Industry features on Corporate INTL
HEALTH & SAFETY LAW NEWS: Bitmac Ltd Directors and Employee cleared of Injury Responsibility
TD&A NEWS: Malta as the European Point of Entry for Chinese Investments
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Brad Pitt’s World War Z Filmed in Malta
SHIPPING LAW NEWS: Malta disagrees with EU White Paper to create an EU-Wide Shipping Register
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Malta's i-Gaming Industry ... a Success Story
EU NEWS: IFTTA partakes in the ADR Consultation by the EU Commission
TD&A NEWS: 'Finance Monthly' Publication, March 2011
IP NEWS: Apple Inc. sues Samsung over 'IPad' and 'IPhone'
BUSINESS NEWS: Maltese Chinese Chamber of Commerce
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Safety -vs- Security in Aviation: The Legal Implications
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Malta, Largest in Online Gaming Industry, EU Green Paper Shows
TAX NEWS: Reclaim of EU Withholding Taxes on Dividends and Interests for Non-EU Portfolio Investors
TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: Carrier's Liability Limited per Passenger for Loss of Luggage
IP NEWS: Counterfeit Products in Transit can be seized in Malta
FAMILY LAW NEWS: Lecture on Assistance Available to Families with Problems
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Malta before ECJ on Airport Fuel Liberalisation
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Commission adopts Revised Rules on Horizontal Co-operation Agreements
BANKING NEWS: Commission Binds Visa Europe on Lower Interbank Fees for Debit Cards
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: Acquisition in the Car Seat Market of CRH by Johnson Controls Inc. EU Approved
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: 2nd EU Monitoring Exercise of Patent Settlements in Pharmaceutical Market
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: EU Commission Against Proposed Merger between Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air
BANKING NEWS: Global Finance Award for HSBC Bank Malta
FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Malta's Tax Incentives Ideal For Film Producers
TAX NEWS: Tackling cross-border tax problems: Commission launches consultation on taxing dividends
TAX NEWS: Commission refers 8 Member States to Court over their VAT rules for travel agents
TAX NEWS : Malta Double Taxation Treaties in Force
IP NEWS: Tax Exempt Income For Royalties Arising From Patents
TAX NEWS : International Living Magazine recommends Malta as the best place to live
FINANCIAL SERVICES NEWS : High marks for the Malta Financial Services Authority
MALTA NEWS: Angela Merkel in Malta
TAX NEWS: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report - Malta, A Strong Financial Center
i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Fourty-three New Applications
TAX NEWS: ICTGozoMalta.com
TAX NEWS: Malta the Jurisdiction of Choice
IP NEWS: EU’s Green Light for a Single EU Patent Application
IP NEWS: Adoption of Harmonised List by Malta and Ireland
IP NEWS: Success for Apple Inc. in the Tablet Computer Market
COMPETITION LAW NEWS: LexisNexis Publication on Competition Law
TAX NEWS: Malta USA Double Taxation Treaty
AVIATION LAW NEWS: Malta's new Aircraft Registration Act
TAX NEWS: Malta and China sign new Double Taxation Agreement
3rd CHI International Health & Safety Conference, Malta 25-26-27 October, 2010
i-GAMING LAW NEWS : Malta’s First Award for Best Gaming Research Dissertation
EU NEWS: Consensus reached on ‘Late Payments Directive’ Recast
EU NEWS: Corporate Gender Quotas by 2012?
TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: 22nd International Forum of Travel & Tourism Advocates Conference 2010
TAX NEWS: Malta has been removed from Italy’s ‘Blacklist’ of Tax Havens Jurisdictions
IP NEWS: Court Orders Destruction of Counterfeit MK Products
TD&A NEWS: Petition to European Parliament on behalf of Travel Agents in Malta